Whether it is new or vintage pre-loved – it’s still stuff


New or Vintage preloved it’s still stuff. Don’t kid yourself that by buying Preloved or vintage that it’s okay to accumulate more and more. Ask yourself regularly – what is enough?

Consumerism (and to some extent, our learnt greed and obsession with owning stuff ) encourages us to amass unnecessary items, leading to the absurdity of buying storage units to contain our excess. Personally, I’m selective about gift-giving, preferring to offer only items that are genuinely wanted or needed. I even kindly request that others refrain from giving me unnecessary gifts, as I often donate them to charity shops.

I’m not afraid to let people know in advance what I would like to receive (especially for special birthdays or events) this way I find I tend to have something I really will love and treasure. While I strive for less, the occasional overflow occurs. IE I designate a specific area in my workspace for display, but elsewhere, simplicity reigns. It’s beneficial to box up items deemed unnecessary and store them temporarily to assess their value over time. Otherwise, the clutter can obscure the truly meaningful possessions amidst the chaos.

How to display your shizz….

Maximising your space with multifunctional furniture like a sideboard, offering both storage and a stylish display surface. Limit your ornamental items by displaying on a tray, to keep items within a designated boundary.

Picture side tables hosting delightful trios: a lush plant, a captivating book, and a flickering candle. And don’t overlook the coffee table, perfect for showcasing stacked books and curated décor.

Take a leaf out of my book ….

  • Delight in the art of organization, admiring the serene alignment of neatly stacked books, for a clutter-free oasis that soothes the soul.
  • Even in simplicity, infuse your space with personality. Embrace textured treasures and vintage finds, from weathered candlesticks to framed postcards, adding depth and character to your curated collection.
  • Keep on track, keep it simple and look at the items to already own and shop your own stuff before buying new.
  • Need extra inspiration- Online or places like Instagram for example, or a fabulous way to search for inspirational interior images. My favs are a free visit to Anthropologie The store displays are beautiful and inspirational.
  • Another personal favour is the gorgeous Abigail Ahern!! Love Abigail‘s lives on instagram and her design style of ‘Go large’ has always been one of my interior mantras too!!

If you are looking to declutter, and revamp home Interior, I guess now is a good time to tell you I was in the finalists for UK home Interiors in The revamp and reuse category!

So get in touch, and let’s make your Interior somewhere you enjoy and love to spend time in.

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