The Organising Lady – How to sell on eBay


Did you know I was once in the top 10% of private resellers on eBay? Selling on eBay is a brilliant way of finding fantastic customers, selling things you once loved and making a money too.


Here’s a few quick Tips on How To Sell on eBay:

  1. Try to set your photos up in the same place in your home each time. I use a picture frame on a blank wall which sets off most things that I sell beautifully.
  2. If you make your eBay post memorable, people will be more likely to save you as a saved seller!
  3. Use good day light where possible or a ring light to maximise the vibrancy and colours of any garments. Good lighting will also enhance the small details.
  4. Be 100% sure that you point out any faults, very clearly, i.e. missing buttons or hems that might be coming down buyers will come back to you, and I promise you, Ebay will normally make their decision in the buyers favour, not the sellers.
  5. How much to charge? Just be realistic and ask yourself -what would you pay when pricing up your stuff!

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