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I’m Karen, The Organising Lady. My super power is I help my clients find 30 minutes extra daily. I help busy people like you stop procrastinating and to be more productive at home or at work, by helping you to develop time management and organising skills. Did you know people spend hours each week just looking for items they need everyday? My clients tell me this is frustrating, it can make them late for work and appointments, it increases feelings of overwhelm and leaves them unable to complete simple tasks. Are you ready to begin the journey to a more organised, efficient and streamlined way of living and working.... imagine a space where everything has a place and everything is a useful part of your routine.
Tell me what would you do with 30 minutes extra every day? Contact me for an informal and non-judgmental chat. Contact me

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about me

I love organising and I am a neat geek! I decided after 25 years of organising professionally for business, it was time to set up on my own and so The Organising Lady began. I am the professional organiser who is passionate about home styling, I enjoy creating and spending time in comfortable functional spaces. Obviously you’ll find me organising something, even in my spare time it’s an occupational hazard! Growing up my family moved 9 times, being given a small box for all my toys meant I became an expert at choosing carefully. Despite what you may think know about Organisers, I like stuff, but not when it’s getting in the way of living my best life. My home isn’t a storage facility, it’s a place for me and my family to enjoy time together, so if something doesn’t contribute guess what, it has to leave.

I help all kinds of people to organise and simplify their lives. After my visits clients tell me they feel more confident and actually enjoy the new feeling of being in control of their belongings. Clients also tell me living in disorganisation previously made them feel overwhelmed. Sadly clutter sometimes causes arguments at home and can impact on family relationships. There are many studies about the effects on our mental health from too much clutter, I’ll leave you to research this information online. What I can tell you and please quote me - ‘Less stuff feels good’ Contact me