Terms and conditions

The Professional Organiser will aim to provide you with suggestions to create good habits and techniques that will keep your living or office space clutter free and functioning smoothly. We can provide options to help you decide how you can dispose of any unwanted items, for example; recycling, charity shop donations, on-line selling, car boot sales, or any other appropriate method.  How you decide to dispose of any items will always remain your choice.


Cleaning materials and cleaning equipment, for example: bin liners, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, stickers, pens and files will need to be provided by the client.  * We can provide basic cleaning materials, for an additional fee, to be agreed at point of project booking.


Storage materials and equipment may be sourced and collected on behalf of clients, for an additional fee, to be agreed at point of project booking


The Organising Lady is insured as a business for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity


The Organising Lady is a member of APDO UK, The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and abides by their code of ethics.


At the point of a consultation site visit, you will be provided with a copy of these terms and conditions and you will be required to sign and date a copy.


Limits of Work – A 10/15 minute rest break every couple of hours is advised for both client and your Personal Organiser due to the often physical and emotional demands of a project.


When a full-day project is carried out, the Professional Organiser will take an un-paid 30 minute lunch break.


*Due to the nature of the work, there is a minimum booking requirement of four hours per day. I am comfortable working longer hours, the average organising session is between 4 and 8 hours.


Client requirements differ and so a client may prefer to work over a period of time, for example; once a week over several months, or may require a more condensed time frame working over a few days or weeks. 


It is not always possible to provide clients with exact time frames for required projects.  We will provide you with an estimate based on other work we have carried out but each job and each client is unique and could take longer than estimated.


When handling your property we will take great care to look after it. However if an accident does occur the Professional Organiser shall not be liable for loss or damage. It is the clients responsibility to hold insurance at all  times  which  will adequately compensate you for loss or damage caused by the Professional Organiser working for you. The Professional Organiser or The Organising Lady does not handle, pack or move high value items. These items should be identified and handled by a removals specialist.


We are able to drop off clients unwanted items to charity shops, if requested and advance notice has been provided. However, the Organiser or The Organising Lady is not responsible for any items once they have been donated to the charity shop.* Should a client change their mind over an item/s, or believe they have made an error in donating a particular item/s, and then it is the responsibility of the client to contact the relevant charity shop to trace the item/s.


Whilst carrying out work for you, we will assume all items and possessions are yours and yours alone to decide what to do with. If you are sorting out the possessions of others then you will need to obtain their permission beforehand. The Professional Organiser or The Organising Lady will not be responsible for any other person’s possessions.


We will help clients to move things around, but a large amount of box shifting is not included in this service. If there are heavy boxes or furniture to lift or move, you will need to seek additional assistance.


We do not construct, dismantle or move large pieces of furniture; you will need to seek additional assistance for this task. * If you need help to find a supplier please ask, as I may know one in the area.


Should you ask the Professional Organiser or The Organising Lady to source other services such as a house clearance or gardening services as examples, we can suggest or investigate such services for you. However, we will not be responsible for your relationship with such service providers. It will be your responsibility to satisfy yourself that their services and prices are right for your needs.


Any staff member from The Organising Lady has the right to leave a property or area at any time without having to provide an explanation if deemed necessary for their own Health & Safety.


Payment Terms:

All fees will need to be made at the end of each consultation site visit and at the end of each daily booked session, without exception, and should be made in cash or by bank transfer, I also have a card reader for your convenience.

All rates include the 10 minute rest break every couple of hours.

Due to the nature of our de-cluttering work, we aim to minimise producing paperwork as much as possible. On this basis, a receipt for paid and completed work can be provided via email should the client request it at the time of making payment.

Confidentiality & Privacy – The Organising Lady is a professional organisation and decluttering service and as such we take your privacy very seriously, and agree to keep all information and details about your personal and business life and possessions totally confidential.

Please note, for Health & Safety reasons a member of The Organising Lady team will know where staff are located on all projects at all times.

The Organising Lady is registered at the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Holder under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Photographs & Testimonials – We do take before and after photographs of projects, we use these images for before and after on our website / marketing purposes. Please note that all photographs would remain anonymous. * Please advise us if you would prefer the images are not used – We would then only use with your express permission.


Your Choice:

If you do not want to receive information from me or no longer want me to hold your data, please notify me and I will ensure your data is deleted from my database. If you are a client of The Organising Lady I additionally use your data to process any bookings you may make with The Organising Lady.


When the project is fully completed – the Professional Organiser, The Organising Lady will ask the client for feedback. This feedback could be used for our website testimonials or for marketing purposes. We would be grateful for any testimonial that you would be willing to provide. If your testimonial is placed on our website or used as part of our marketing material, it will appear as: The Organising Lady Client, along with the area of where the work was carried out. For example: The Organising Lady Client, Guildford.


Fees – Consultation & Site Visit: 

A £60.00 booking fee for all site visits prior to a service booking is required.  The site visit provides a client with the opportunity to discuss their needs and requirements, as well as allowing The Professional Organiser to carry out an assessment of the work required, along with creating an action plan agreed by the client.  




Payment Terms – ALL fees to be paid in full at the end of each daily session.