Three things I do to stay organised


Three things I do to stay organised and feel accomplished every day! My three rules for a stress free life.


1 – Be selfish 💁‍♀️

When it comes to accomplishing your organisation goals put yourself first! Make sure you allocate yourself time daily to complete a task – YOU TIME. Stop ✋ prioritising other people become your own number one!

2 – Start saying NO 🙅‍♀️

NO to things people palm off onto you! You know that awful top your Mum bought and never wears … learn not to accept other peoples castoffs

NO to things you can’t afford to do… If your friends are arranging a meet-up and you know it involves shopping 🛍️ 👀 consider arranging to meet them later for lunch or a coffee. Avoidance tactics can be a useful tool when teaching yourself to stop impulsive purchases!

3 – Practice makes improvement

By practicing a task five minutes everyday day you will teach yourself to ‘just do it’ as a matter of practice.
Good with five minutes – try increasing it until you are getting stuff done!

  1. Plan your week on repeat!
  2. By having a regular system that can be replicated, life is so much easier to organise!! Think daily, just like brushing your teeth 🦷
  3. Make the bed 🛌
  4. Hang your clothes in 1 place👗
  5. Have a basic meal planning list 🥘
  6. Time to tidy – 10 minutes daily💁‍♀️
  7. Increase your task list by regularly adding to a basic weekly planing list. Before you know it you’ll be feeling more accomplished!

4 – Finally Focus – Consistency creates rhythm.

I know I said three things…🙋‍♀️ I love giving you an extra bonus! If you’d like to organise your home and get a system that works for you, get in touch here and I can help!


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