How to prevent moths


Watch out for moths this month as we start to pack away our beautiful cashmere and knits away for the season. I was gifted some preventative Moth deterrent products to try by the lovely Julia from her small business Total Wardrobe Care when I went to visit her at her and team recently. I am super impressed as you can imagine – I’m beyond happy these moth’s are not trying to find their way into my jumpers to lay their eggs and for the whole moth family to chew holes! My jumpers are not the buffet!!! When I have a wardrobe client visit- 90% of the time I find moth damage 😩🙈 …


Here’s how to prevent moths:

  1. DEEP CLEAN. Using plenty of soap and water, scrub surfaces and then thoroughly vacuum.
  2. USE NATURAL MOTH KILLER. Use this to safely take care of any remaining moth larvae/eggs.
  3. USE MOTHPROOF BAGS. Be sure to store clothing in mothproof storage bags!
  4. USE MOTH REPELLENT. Cedar balls or natural essential oils can ensure that moths don’t come back!
  5. DO THIS EVERY SEASON. As every season changes, repeat these steps and refresh your moth repellent products.


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