How to deal with sentimental items – how to store or display your treasured possessions plus when and how to let go


Organistas, sometimes the hardest task when organising your home is… how to deal with sentimental items. I can promise you, that everyone finds this hard, even professional organisers.

I always recommend leaving a little more time to go through these items. If you’ve lost a loved one recently or suffered a break up, giving yourself time before you begin is important…. there is no time limit.

If you are ready to tackle this area, swipe for my top tips. Remember, this is not ‘one size fits all’ and everyone if different. Save for later or share if you think it can help someone else.


Tips on how to deal with sentimental items – how to store / display your treasured possessions and when / how to let go

  1. Dealing with sentimental items IS a really challenging task, as these possessions hold so much emotional value for us. This can include everything from cards, letters, to clothes, jewellery and even items from weddings, funerals or significant events. Whether you want to store and display your treasured items or consider letting them go, here are my top tips to help you:
  2. Assess the significance: make a start by evaluating the sentimental value of each item. Some pieces may hold more emotional weight than others. I always assess all my sentimental items together so I can see what matters the most (and what is taking up space).
  3. Set boundaries: take a look at the amount of storage you have available for your sentimental items. I have a lovely box I use to store my sentimental items in so it feels special every time I open it.
  4. Categorise and organise: Keep like with like and sort sentimental items into categories such as photographs, letters, trinkets, or heirlooms. This will help you get a better understanding of what you have and make it easier to organise them.
  5. Store with care: Consider storage methods like acid-free paper, silica gel or archival storage containers to protect delicate items from damage. Label containers so it is easy to find items within. For long term storage I always recommend Really Useful Boxes.
  6. Create a display: I love the idea of creating a showcase for sentimental items. This could be a special shelf, a box, or a curated wall space.
  7. Digitise memories: For old photographs or letters that may fade over time, look at digitising them. Scan or photograph them and store them on your computer, hard drive, or cloud storage. A great way to preserve the memories.
  8. Share and pass on: Sometimes the true value of sentimental items lies in sharing them with friends and family. If you have loved ones who would appreciate them, consider gifting or passing them on so they can bring joy to others.
  9. Letting go: If you find it hard (and we all do), please take your time. Start by identifying items that hold less emotional weight and gradually work your way up to more significant possessions.
  10. Remember, everyone’s attachment to sentimental items is unique, so there’s no right or wrong way to approach this process. Trust your instincts and find a balance between preserving memories and decluttering your space to create an environment that supports your well-being.

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