How to clean your washing machine


Organista! Did you know you should be cleaning your washing machine as part of your normal regime? Twice a month to keep it smelling fresh and to keep the door seal free from mould and scummy residue. Do you have a whiffy, stinky smell on your clothing, or when you open your washing machine door can you smell pongs of eau d mildew… you need to think about cleaning it!


How to clean your washing machine!

It’s not just about the smell … dirty washing, detergent and fabric conditioners create skanky scum!! These scummy deposits cause a revolting residue around the rubber gasket – Just like when you don’t clean round the lid of your mayonnaise or salad cream bottle…. you know what I mean right !?

Your machine will have come with cleaning instructions when you purchased it (you read those right?) If you haven’t already decluttered those then you could try this…… for a clean and fresh machine:

  1. Serious measures for a one time initial clean for a very scummy machine 1/2 cup of liquid bleach to the dispenser and run a normal cycle with hot water (or follow what the manual says). Or you can use a specialist machine cleaner.
  2. Bleach will kill most bacteria and mould, other scummy scungies like detergents and conditioners will need more.
  3. Some new models have a dedicated washer cleaning cycle if you have that, then I suggest you follow the manufacturer’s instructions … If like me, your washing machine doesn’t have a cleaning cycle try this.
  4. Pro washing machine cleaners contain specific ingredients to stop your machines scummy and hard water build ups. But once you have it under control regularly cleaning your washing machine will make smelly washing a thing of the past! * Using a machine specific cleaner follow the instructions
  5. However, if you’re using bleach there’s no need to use anything over 30 degrees cycle as bleach performs better in cooler water.
  6. Clean the dispenser, you should remove your dispensers every few washes, wash them out in hot water and use an old toothbrush to scrub into the corners – Do not be tempted to put it in your dishwasher!!
  7. Clean the rubber seal and wipe dry each time you use the machine. You might like to leave an old towel next to the machine and get into the habit of doing this each time you use it it literally takes five seconds
  8. Clean the rubber gasket by folding open wipe to remove any scum and rinse away. *Dry to stop the mould returning.
  9. Ongoing cleaning maintenance of your machine should be come a regular part of your cleaning routine. Leaving the door open to air dry and to create airflow is always a good idea. *if you have small children and pets in the house you must ensure they are safe and if your machine has child locks engage them. If you have a laundry room, keep the door closed and chemicals away from children and pets. When the machine has finished its cycle, remove the clothing as soon as possible.
  10. If you are using your washing machine to wash your pet bed, I suggest you run a cycle before using it for your own laundry.
  11. Get into the habit of running a quick 20 minute wash using soda crystals which is a much gentler and soft way to keep everything clean and running than using bleach. If you want to give your machine a soda and vinegar scrub out by all means do just be careful not to mix chemicals as bleach and vinegar In particular, don’t mix! Always rinse away chemical residue.
  12. A note on Vinegar – Using Vinegar will not kill germs 🦠 long-term overuse of vinegar is potentially corrosive to other parts in your machine.

Monthly – I recommend soda crystals and use in my own machines which you can buy here.


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