That Girl gets a Website, really yes really!!!


When I decided to start out in business I knew how I thought I wanted the image to be presented, I had my name; Mardi Girl (who is like a super woman with the following skills Organisation Queen, Can create Beautiful stylish interiors, Can choose lovely clothes for you, Can do fabulous tidying up and spectacular cleaning, She knows lots of good information stuff and can do anything because she isn’t afraid, she has great Strength & Grace and she can share that with you and help you to find confidence because she actually cares about stuff) is NOT to be confused with Mardy Girl who is the Northern stroppy topic of a Artic Monkeys song!
I was very clear in my mind about everything, but like lots of things it began to change and develop and it became more than I thought it could be….it became scary and real and rather grown up, I wasn’t prepared for how small I would feel during the process….. I was feeling overwhelmed but also excited all mixed up together. I had run a business before and I had worked in various successful companies over the years! But this was different it was mine and it was just me, so the pressure I felt I had laid squarely at my own feet……So my NEW website has become my little web baby, I love it, I keep logging in and looking at it, checking it to make sure it’s still there. It will have new information and images as work progresses, it’s going to be changing and growing up as it finds its feet. I guess it is a reflection of me and I realise that in many ways I have been making my way toward this point in my life for some time. Feeling proud today, and scared of all the emails I might get telling me its riddled with typos and inaccuracies, I’m tempted to say keep them to yourself but then there’s that little Mardi Girl voice in my head saying; Bring it on! X


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