Decluttering and Organising Your Garden


I love my garden, it is my pride and joy. I spend so much time enjoying the space all year round, it is so nice to be outside in the fresh air. Keeping your garden organised is ongoing, as your outdoor space evolves as plants grow and news plants enter the space.

I think of my garden as an extension of my home and I employ the same techniques outside to keep things organised. Before organising your garden and all the tools and equipment, it’s essential to declutter your garden space first. Remove any unnecessary items, such as broken tools, unused pots, or expired chemicals. This will create a clean canvas for efficient organisation and ensure that you only keep what you truly need.

Here’s my top tips for Decluttering and Organising Your Garden:

Selecting the Right Storage Solution

Arranging Tools in Sheds, Greenhouses, and Garages

Categorise and Sort Your tools

Labelling and Organisational Systems are always a good idea.

Install shelves and cabinets

Utilise Wall Space for Vertical Storage

Maintenance and Cleaning of Storage Areas.

If you need help or advice with your garden garage or shed dilemmas, you can talk to me here!


Home Organisation

Packing, Moving & Downsizing


Virtual Organising