Breaking Free from Clutter: Finding Balance and Organisation in Life


I love my work, it’s my mission to help clients reach their ideal level of organisation and break free from cluttered chaos. This really does mean different things to different people and it’s important you find the right level for you. There are times in life where you may feel more organised. Perhaps your first home (it’s so exciting getting everything together) I remember my first flat and trying to make everything just right… it was a reality check too 👀 Here’s how we tend to get ourselves into chaos, and how to find balance and organisation in life.


Creating a home requires some planning

We habitually shop for more stuff often without thinking or planning, let’s call this the accumulation phase. Often the real shift happens when you are in the family phase, you may experience higher levels of disorganisation as your family grows, the toys invade the entire household and your calendar gets beyond crazy with play dates and parties. During this time you may become less aware of your accumulated stuff. Priorities shift, being, or seeking organised perfection (whatever that is to you) is perhaps it’s less important? Or you may subconsciously begin to park feelings of overwhelm. Everything works just fine🙂

And then it doesn’t – Boom 🤯 ….

Overwhelm in the home – too much shizz

Overwhelm sneaks into your life creating a trickle charge of emotions. You try to take control, yet don’t know where to start. 🤯

The responsibility of stuff is huge, like a heavy weight. Sometimes people find themselves prioritising their belongings over their own needs, their own self care becomes less important.

Dopamine Hits

Buying shizz gives us a hit – it’s true. Buying too much shizz because we’re are constantly seeking a hit isn’t going to help long term.  How often are we buying things to make do? Sometimes simply, because we can’t find what we’re looking for…. Or  unnecessary purchases when you have something in the draw that would do the same job.

Unsurprisingly we desperately try to make ourselves happy – little pops of dopamine are released with every purchase, our brains knowing through our learnt behaviours it will feel good 👍 yet we’re just adding more weight (literally) to our overload.

It’s a very human pathway, yet logically we know finding happiness from stuff is short lived.

We can place ourselves in dire financial situations, sadly sometimes breaking down relationships.

Does this sound familiar? 

Each time you try to stop the dopamine hit the lure of having something new calls to you, and you find yourself getting something new …  it’s a spiral 🌀

You’re left with emotions like

– I knew I’d fail again.

– I’m just not someone who can be organised.

– I can’t stop buying stuff.

– I can’t control myself.

Leading to overwhelming feelings of guilt, hiding purchases away secretly.

Creating an organised life

The journey to a more organised and fulfilling life is not about perfection; it’s about finding the right level of organisation that suits you. It’s about recognising the patterns of accumulation and emotional triggers that lead to overwhelming clutter. While buying things can bring momentary happiness, it’s often short-lived and can have significant consequences for our well-being and relationships.

Breaking free from this cycle takes self-awareness and a shift in priorities. It’s a path towards reclaiming control over your space and your life. Remember, you’re not alone in this struggle, and there’s no need to hide your challenges or feelings of guilt.

By addressing the underlying reasons for excessive accumulation and seeking support when needed, you can build a more balanced, organised, and ultimately, a happier life. It’s time to let go of the weight that clutter brings and embrace the freedom that comes with a clutter-free existence. So, take a deep breath, declutter your life one step at a time, and embark on a journey towards greater peace and satisfaction.

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