A Stress-Free Guide to Organising Your Morning Routine


The morning rush can be chaotic, leaving you feeling frazzled before the day even begins. Implementing this ‘simplified’ morning routine will set you up, you’ll find yourself feeling ready to face the day ahead with confidence less stress and time to spare!


Let’s explore some practical steps to streamline your mornings and set the stage for a harmonious day.

  1. But First, Coffee: They say good things start with coffee, right? Create a dedicated drinks station to kickstart your morning routine. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a tea enthusiast, having everything you need in one area, strategically placed close to the kettle, ensures a seamless start to your day. A shot of wide awake in a mug – the perfect beginning!
  2. Skincare and Makeup Simplified: Embrace a pared-down skincare and makeup routine. By limiting your product range, you not only save time but also cut down on unnecessary expenses. Organise your skincare and makeup products into two separate, easily accessible containers. This not only declutters your space but also makes it easier to see everything at a glance, preventing unnecessary purchases. The mantra here is less is more!
  3. Containers: Bags or Boxes? It’s Your Call: When choosing containers for your morning essentials, be it bags or boxes, the key is accessibility. Everything should have a designated spot where you can find it effortlessly every day. Opt for containers that fit your style and keep your essentials neatly organised.
  4. Outfit Planning: Always choose your outfit the night before. Hang your outfit together with your accessories to create a grab and go wardrobe everyday. To feel super organised plan a weeks worth of clothing every Sunday and know exactly what you are wearing to appointments and meetings all week! I’ve seen Jo Elvin has a #weekonawall over on Instagram for inspiration.

Morning Ritual Order – here’s a suggested order to breeze through your morning routine:

  1. Pull back the covers shake the pillows, open the windows.
  2. Head for the bathroom
  3. Make the bed
  4. Exercise, meditation, journal whatever you do, take five for yourself and gather your thoughts.
  5. Coffee Tea station
  6. Skincare regime
  7. Get dressed check the mirror and smile!
  8. Start the day!

If you follow my morning routine tips, you’ll find yourself facing the day with confidence, minimal stress, and even some extra time to spare. A well-organised morning sets the tone for a more productive day – cheers to stress-free mornings!

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